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Our Story

About SaftGard

The promoters of SaftGard Technologies the makers of our SaftGard- TM proprietary masks are 4th generation textile manufacturing and processing pioneers since the early 1900’s. We have also been high quality manufacturer in fabrics  and wearables and believe that our products should have intrinsic value and sell itself. The management are workforce are personally involved in each step of the product lifecycle. Our diversified businesses believing in gratitude, honesty, wellness, sustainability, and true value towards the path of self preservation. Our products are both science and art.

Kids Antibacterial Mask

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The core speciality in these masks are in the methods  of weaving, processing, finishing, and final treatments for safety and its unique tested design for kids and smaller face profiles alike. We believe that the product should improve quality of life and have intrinsic value. We guarantee them to be one of the self adjusting and best fitting and purpose made masks you will use which goes with the sincerity put into our conduct.

  • Flexible Size: Speciality Kids and Junior Masks
  • Air Pocket Design: All Day/Active use
  • Comfortable Material: Soft & High Quality 100% Cotton
  • High Efficiency Filter: Filters 99% @ 0.3 Micron BFE – SITRA/BTS Lab
  • Wash Test Antibacterial Layer: Sustains 30 washes. NON Toxic – MSL Lab (UK)
  • Antiviral Test: Influenza H1N1 & Feline Coronavirus – MSL Lab (UK)
  • Breathability Delta P (mmH2O/cm²): <5 – Intertek Lab
  • Destroys 99.68% Feline Coronavirus & 98.83% Influenza H1N1

Our Masks are Tested/Certified by

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How to use Mask

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Open the box and unfold the face mask. Cup the respirator in your hand to maintain the position on your face.

Adjust the ear loops/optional headstrap to fit the face mask comfortably.

Adjust the nose bridge bar tightly around your nose.

To check seal, place both hands over the respirator and exhale sharply. Adjust bridge bar if air leaks around mouth, nose, and chin.

Pull stopper to end of ear-loop if using Head Strap option.